It is crucial to stay connected when you travel to Chile which is full of soaring mountains, gigantic glaciers, natural wonders, and thriving culture. A common way visitors use to ensure connection is by purchasing a local SIM Card. In this post, we’ll discover the mobile internet in Chile and how to choose the best connectivity option.

Mobile Internet in Chile

I. Mobile Internet coverage and speed in Chile

This report discusses mobile internet coverage and speed in Chile by examining different aspects. It will explore the availability of different network generations (3G, 4G, 5G) and the average speeds users can expect in various locations throughout the territory.

1. Chile’s Mobile Internet Coverage

This guide is to describe in detail what you need to know about Chile’s mobile internet coverage. Through the article, we will discover their pros and how you can make an objective choice of an internet agent for your Chile trip!

Chile Mobile Internet Coverage
Chile Mobile Internet Coverage. Source
  • Movistar: offers sustained coverage, significant presence, and reliable mobile internet services in both urban and rural areas. 
  • Entel: provides a strong and reliable network coverage across Chile, won the Coverage Experience award, and was recognized as the leader in terms of mobile internet coverage.
  • Claro: has a strong presence, and reliable mobile internet services in various regions but hasn’t offered 5G yet while the others have supported.
  • WOM: has been expanding its coverage very fast, secured the second position in terms of Coverage Experience

Note 👉

The specific coverage and network quality may vary depending on the location within Chile. It is recommended to visit the website or contact of each mobile operator for the detailed information on its coverage in specific areas of interest.

In summary, Chile’s major mobile networks provide widespread coverage in populated areas where users live and spend time-based on coverage scores. Once in coverage areas, networks also enable connectivity and access to mobile internet the vast majority of the time according to the high availability metrics across all technologies and 5G specifically. WOM stands out as leading in both 5G coverage and availability.

2. Chile’s Mobile Internet Speed

Chile Median Country Speed
Chile Median Country Speed. Source

Chile has one of the fastest average internet speeds in Latin America and a good average fixed broadband internet speed which placed it among the countries with relatively high average internet speeds globally.

  • Chile’s Mobile Speed: Compared to many other countries, the mobile internet speed in Chile is considerably higher. With these statistics above, the mobile internet speeds in Chile are generally fast and provide users with a good browsing and streaming experience on their mobile devices.
  • City Ranking: Large cities like Santiago, and Concepción… often have sustainable and fastest internet speeds while rural areas may have weaker or limited speeds.

So, Chile’s mobile internet completely meets your demand for streaming, surfing, browsing, or downloading. If you seek a budget-friendly option, Movistar both suits your budget and supports quite excellent network coverage and speed during your adventure in Chile!

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II. Mobile Internet in Chile: Connection Options for Tourists

Mobile Internet is a must when tourists navigate beautiful heritages and share unforgettable moments throughout their Chile adventure. There are numerous options to stay connected such as public Wi-Fi, roaming, local SIM cards, or eSIMs.

Connectivity optionProsConsPrice Range (USD)
Free Wi-FiNo additional costLimited availability and coverageFree
Pocket Wi-FiProvides a personal Wi-Fi hotspotRequires carrying an extra device$5 – $15 per day
RoamingNo physical SIM card requiredLimited availability, requires eSIM-compatible device$10 – $30
Local SIM cardsWidely available and easy to useRequires a compatible unlocked device$5 – $30
eSIMsConvenient, uses your home country’s networkHigh roaming charges, potential data limitationsVaries by plan

Among the options, a local SIM card in Chile is likely the best choice for most tourists. Here’s why:

Affordable rates

Local SIMs usually offer cheap data rates and help you avoid excessive roaming charges. This can be achieved by ensuring additional data is available to you in case you decide to leverage more of the data for browsing, navigation, or staying connected during your journey. 

Flexibility and Convenient

Local SIM cards provide extensive network coverage throughout Chile as well as ensure a reliable and consistent connection. Besides, there are various plans to cater to different data allowances and durations.

III. Budgeting for Mobile Data Costs in Chile

Using a cell phone in Chile
Using a cell phone in Chile

When getting a local SIM Card or eSIM in Chile, you can expect very reasonable data rates compared to what would you pay for international roaming. Here’s an overview of typical costs for mobile internet packages from major Chile providers:

  • Short Trip (3-5 days): 3-5 GB of data should suffice for basic tasks such as maps, translation, and light social media/messaging usage. The Chile 5 Days Plan from offers 1GB for just $12.5
  • Long trips of 2 weeks or more: budget 5-10 GB to use your phone without worrying about going over your limit. Streaming music/videos will eat up data quickly.

Consider using eSIM from the #1 eSIM provider in Chile – which offers diverse plans for any traveling goals. Find the best options for your upcoming trip below:

Plan that may interest you

Chile eSIM 7 Days Plan
Chile eSIM 7 Days Plan
From $12.50

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IV. Best Mobile Operators in Chile

Understanding the landscape of mobile operators is essential for staying connected in exploring this technologically advanced nation. Let’s see the top mobile operators in Chile along with their network coverage, pricing plans, customer satisfaction, and innovative features.

Mobile OperatorPrice Range (CLP)DataAdditional Features
Movistar$4,000 – $18,000Up to 30GBUnlimited Calls on Specific Plans, Travel Packages
Entel$5,000 – $20,000Up to 40GBUnlimited Calls & Texts within Entel, Streaming Service Discounts
Claro$2,000 – $12,000Up to 15GBPrepaid Data Gifting, Family Plans
WOM$3,000 – $15,000Up to 25GBUnlimited Calls & Texts within WOM, Social Media Packages

All four operators offer 4G LTE coverage, with Entel, Movistar and WOM recently launching 5G services. Claro is expected to offer 5G soon, but coverage may be limited initially.

If you just have a short vacation and want to spend more money playing and experiencing food, Movistar will be a cost-effective operator.


What factors should I consider when choosing a mobile internet plan in Chile?

Price: Prices can vary depending on the amount of data included, additional features, and promotion. Consider your budget and how much data you typically use.
Data allowance: Data allowances vary significantly between plans. Choose a plan with enough data for your needs to avoid overage charges.
Coverage: Coverage can vary depending on the operator and location. Check the coverage maps of each operator to ensure you’ll have a signal where you’ll be using your phone.
Additional features: Additional features like unlimited calls and texts within their network, social media data packages, streaming service discounts, or travel packages may be useful to you or not. Choose a plan with features that are important to you.
5G Availability: Some operators haven’t supported 5G yet, so you should carefully check whether the mobile operator you choose meets your requirements if you need to use 5G.

Should I get a prepaid SIM card or a contract plan?

Prepaid SIM cards are a good option for travelers or those who want flexibility. Contract plans can offer lower rates for heavy data users, but they typically require a commitment of one or two years.

How can I top up my prepaid SIM card in Chile?

You can top up your prepaid SIM card online, at mobile operator stores, supermarkets, or convenience stores.

VI. Conclusions

So, you’ve explored your options for mobile internet in Chile! For a truly convenient and hassle-free experience, consider both eSIMs and local SIM cards. Local SIM cards offer readily available plans and can be handy backups. eSIMs provide instant connectivity, are easy to manage, and free up space in your phone.