When traveling to Chile, phones have become powerful tools that help people easily navigate vineyards, taste wine, and visit incredible landscapes. But tourists sometimes have trouble using their phones in a foreign country. The solution here is to own a cell phone with a local SIM card. Local SIM cards will eliminate the difficulty of switching regions and make your trip a perfect experience with your phone!

Using A Cell Phone in Chile

I. Can I Use My Cell Phone in Chile?

Using a cell phone in Chile
Using a cell phone in Chile

Yes, it is completely possible to use your cell phone in Chile in case you take into some considerations before your trip:

  • Unlocked or locked phone: The first step should be to find out the “un-locking” of your phone that it’s not linked to a particular mobile carrier from the home country. Contact your provider to open it or just find an unlocked phone for your international travel.
  • Network Bands: Next, you need to know whether your phone can operate on Chile’s bands or not. Although current smartphones almost support a wider band.
  • SIM card: Make sure the above things are alright, purchasing a prepaid SIM card in Chile allows you to have a local Chilean number and access to cheaper local rates for calls, texts, and data. 
  • Roaming: Contact your cell service provider to find out more about their international roaming plans for Chile. The cost of roaming can be expensive, so buying a local SIM card or an eSIM will suit your budget.

In summary, it would be convenient to stick to your existing phone and just switch to a cheap Chile SIM when traveling from outside Chile. Don’t forget to ensure your phone is compatible with the network.

Frequencies supported in Chile
Frequencies supported in Chile. Source

II. How to Keep My Cell Phone Connected in Chile

Travelers can stay connected through their cell phones in Chile in several ways such as free local wifi, roaming, international plans, local SIM cards, and eSIM.

Connectivity OptionProsConsPrice Range
Free local WiFiFree
Wide available
Slow speeds, limited bandwidth, security risksFree
RoamingConvenient and familiar
No need to change SIM cards
Expensive data charges
Limited data allowances Network coverage may vary
Varies depending on the home country and carrier
International plansWide network coverage
Reliable connectivity
High cost for data usage
Limited data allowances
May require activation or additional fees
Varies depending on the home country and carrier
Local SIM cardAffordable data rates
Extensive coverage within Chile
Flexibility to choose a suitable plan
Requires a compatible, unlocked device
Inconvenient to change SIM cards
$1.1- 11 depending on the operator and plan
eSIMNo physical SIM card required- Easy to switch between multiple profiles- Can be activated remotelyLimited availability of eSIM support
Requires a compatible device- Initial setup may be complex
Varies depending on the operator and plan
(these prices may change at any time depending on the mobile operators)

In summary, getting a local SIM Card or buying an eSIM is the best solution for staying connected in Chile, compared to the other choices listed. Here are the reasons why:

Affordable rates

Local SIM and eSIM usually offer cheap data rates and help you avoid excessive roaming charges. This can be achieved by ensuring additional data is available to you in case you decide to leverage more of the data for browsing, navigation, or staying connected during your journey. 

Flexibility and Convenient

Local SIM cards and eSIMs provide extensive network coverage throughout Chile as well as ensure a reliable and consistent connection. Besides, there are various plans to cater to different data allowances and durations.

Unlock more insights with our guide Chile SIM Cards: Detailed Guides to get more useful tips!

Finding the right local SIM card provider can feel overwhelming. That’s where esimchile.net comes in! As the #1 Chile eSIM provider, here’s what makes esimchile.net stand out:

  • Variety & Flexibility: Choose among a wide array of data packages that are best suited for your goals.
  • Multiple Network Coverage: They take care of the technical aspect by collaborating with the main major mobile operators in Chile, so that visitors can get a fast and reliable connection during their Chile experience.
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Find the best options for your trip below:

Plan that may interest you

Chile eSIM 7 Days Plan
Chile eSIM 7 Days Plan
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III. Getting the most out of your cell phone during travel

Here are some tips we recommend for you to enjoy the benefits of your cell phone while minimizing potential risks and ensuring a safe and hassle-free experience during your time in Chile:

  • Turn off Cellular Data: Just turn on it if need to avoid wasting money and make use of public Wi-Fi in places you visit
  • Utilize free Wi-Fi: Restaurants, hotels, cafes, shops, and other locations serving tourists often support free Wi-Fi to meet customers’ demands in the best way.
  • Turn off automatic features: Background refresh and push notifications for apps that don’t need constant updates, such as social media, should be disabled. Usual checking location services, Bluetooth, and some automatic settings are also needed.
  • Use apps rather than plans: Download offline maps of Chile using apps like Google Maps as well as install travel apps specific to Chile, travel guides, or translation apps like Google Translate which will assist you a lot in discovering popular attractions and get up-to-date information.
  • Phone Charger: Chile applies the Type C and Type L power outlets, so be sure to take the right adapter for your charger. Moreover, make sure the voltage compatibility of your charger is in line with your device to avoid any damage. Today’s smartphones can work with almost any voltage, however it is always a good idea to verify.


Will my phone work in Chile?

Most modern smartphones are compatible with Chile’s mobile networks. However, it’s important to check if your phone supports the GSM frequencies used in Chile (850 MHz and 1,900 MHz) to ensure connectivity.

Can I use my data plan from my home country in Chile?

It depends on your mobile service provider and the terms of your plan. Some providers offer international roaming services, but it can be costly. Check with your provider beforehand to understand the roaming options and associated charges.

How do I dial an international number from my cell phone in Chile?

To dial an international number from your cell phone in Chile, you’ll need to enter the country code (e.g., +84 for Vietnam) followed by the area code and the recipient’s phone number.

V. What’s The Most Efficient Way To Connect My Phone in Chile?

Having a local SIM card/eSIM is definitely advisable when using a cell phone in Chile, if you want to enjoy your trip to the fullest. It provides inexpensive communication, dependable connectivity, and efficient local service accessibility. Stay in touch, cruise through the country, and get a wonderful trip without any problems whatsoever using a local SIM/eSIM in your phone.

If you are stuck with any issue while selecting plans using your cell phone or an appropriate local SIM/eSIM, our website esimchile.net is willing to answer any questions and consult you about the best options.