Are you planning to visit Chile and looking for a mobile data plan for your device, consider the WOM SIM Card in Chile which is one major provider for local travelers. This guide may help you provide details on using WOM SIM and electronic SIM as a tourist in Chile which offers a complete overview of what you need to know about activating a WOM SIM or eSIM plan while exploring the beauty of Chile.

WOM SIM Card and eSIM in Chile Detailed Guides for Tourists

I. Quick Facts About WOM

WOM is the fourth major mobile network operator in Chile, offering cellular and mobile internet services. Here are some key facts about WOM šŸ’”

  • Founded: 2005
  • Full company name: WOM S.A.
  • Brand name: WOM
  • Brand name meaning: “Word of Mouth” marketing
  • Main services: Cellular voice calls, mobile internet, SMS, international roaming
  • Subscribers: Over 4 million (as of 2021)
  • Network coverage: 96% population coverage on 4G LTE
  • Stores and points of sale: 130+ WOM stores, over 1,000 authorized dealers
  • Customer service: 24/7 phone support in Spanish and English
  • Awards: Fastest Download Speed award by OpenSignal (2020)
  • Milestones: First to launch 5G service in 2019, over 50% of traffic from mobile data
  • Pros: Fast speeds, affordable rates, good coverage, easy signup
  • Cons: Smaller retail presence than competitors
WOW - Mobile Operator in Chile
WOW – Mobile Operator in Chile

II. Chile WOM Coverage And Speed

1. WOM coverage in Chile

WOM coverage in Chile
WOM mobile coverage in Chile. Source

WOM has 96% population coverage across Chile on its 4G LTE network as of 2021. This covers all the major cities and population centers from Arica to Punta Arenas.

It offers service in all 15 regions of Chile including the Santiago Metropolitan Region, Valparaiso, Antofagasta, Araucania, and more. Overall the coverage spans 3,100 cities and localities in Chile.

WOM has launched 5G coverage in parts of Santiago, ViƱa del Mar, ValparaĆ­so and ConcepciĆ³n. The 5G rollout aims to reach over 50% of the urban population by 2023.

2. WOM speed

WOM speed
WOM Mobile Speed. Source

In recent speed tests, WOM provided an average download speed of about 18 Mbps on 4G LTE across Chile. This is among the fastest speeds tested.

According to OpenSignal, WOM users spend the greatest amount of time connected to 5G networks compared to other carriers. WOM leads in 5G availability, which is the percentage of time that their 5G subscribers have an active 5G connection. WOM scored an impressive 34.6% for 5G availability, more than double the 17.2% score of the second-place carrier, Movistar. 

So travelers can expect a fast, reliable data connection on WOM for social media, maps, messaging and more. It’s great for heavy mobile data usage.

III. WOM Connectivity Options For Travelers To Chile

Here is a brief comparison of connectivity options in Chile as a tourist and why a WOM SIM card would be a good choice:

  • Public WiFi: Only available in certain areas, no guarantee of quality connection. Not reliable for consistent access.
  • Renting pocket wi-fi: Convenient but more expensive over time than SIM. You have to return the device before leaving.
  • Roaming on foreign SIM: Very costly in roaming fees. Bills can be high using a home network abroad.
  • Buying a WOM SIM: Most affordable option. Pay-as-you-go rates without roaming. WOM has the best 5G coverage/speed in Chile. No device to return. Keep the SIM as a backup.

WOM connectivity options for travelers to Chile

Connectivity Option Public WiFi Rent Pocket WiFi Roam on Foreign SIM Buy WOM SIM
Availability Only in some places like cafes/hotels Reliable wherever you go Works anywhere Works anywhere
Cost per Day Free $5-10 USD typically $5-10 USD in roaming fees $2-5 USD per GB
Total Estimated Cost for 2 Weeks $0 $100+ USD $100+ USD likely $30-50 USD
Speed Variable quality Fast speeds Speed depends on roaming agreements Fast 5G speeds on WOM network
Ease of Use Need to find locations Return equipment before leaving No local setup needed Purchase and use right away
Flexibility Limited access Must return on time Roaming fees limit usage Pay as you go rates for your usage

In summary

Purchasing a WOM SIM card provides the most cost-effective and reliable connectivity option for tourists visiting Chile for longer than 2 weeks. It offers fast 5G speeds, flexibility to pay per GB used, and avoids high roaming or equipment rental fees of the other options.

IV. Best WOM SIM Cards For Tourists & Cost

The best WOM SIM card for most tourists is the WOM Prepaid SIM tourist card which offers 15GB of data on 4G LTE with unlimited calls and texts to Chile numbers has validity for 15 days with costs $29.82.

Data-only SIMs with 8GB for 30 days are also available for $18.3. Top-up vouchers extend the validity period.

For longer trips, postpaid plans like the WOM Preplan provide better value. It has 30GB of data, unlimited national calls, and texts for $29.92 per month. More allowance can be added via data boosters.

In summary, popular SIM card options for visitors include:

Best WOM SIM cards for tourists & cost

SIM Card Price Inclusions Duration
Prepaid Tourist SIM $31.70 15GB, Unlimited calls & SMS 15 days
Prepaid Data SIM $19.45 8GB 30 days
WOM Preplan $31.82/month 30GB, Unlimited calls & SMS 1 month (renew)

V. Does WOM Chile Support eSIM?

Yes, WOM launched electronic SIM (eSIM) support in October 2022 available with compatible smartphones.

In the digital society, eSIM brings to our lives several benefits including:

  • Remotely add plans without a new SIM
  • Activate multiple plans on one device
  • Easier to swap between plans
  • More durable with no moving parts
  • Covering more countries
  • Cheap fees like eSIM local, …

Not only WOM eSIM, a top mobile operator in Chile – Movistar can be an alternative. Consider using a Movistar eSIM which provides by – the #1 Chile eSIM provider. Here’s what makes stand out:

  • Variety & Flexibility: Choose among a wide array of data packages best suited to your goals.
  • Multiple Network Coverage: They take care of the technical aspects by collaborating with major Chile mobile operators so that visitors can get a fast and reliable connection during their travel.
  • Top-notch Customer Service: They offer 24/7 customer help so that you can get assistance if needed.
  • Competitive Prices: Their eSIMs are affordably priced, offering excellent value for money

Find the best options for your trip below:

Plan that may interest you

Chile eSIM 7 Days Plan
Chile eSIM 7 Days Plan
From $12.50

VI. Where Can You Buy A WOM SIM Card And eSIM?

1. Where to buy WOM SIM for Chile

There are three main options to purchase a WOM SIM card in Chile:

a. Upon arrival

The easiest location is WOM SIM card vending machines available at the Santiago International Airport. These vending machines operate 24 hours and provide prepaid tourist SIM cards with competitive rates.

Alternatively, visit the WOM store or authorized dealers in the city you arrive at. Most major airports and border crossings will have retailer nearby.

Santiago Airport
Santiago Airport. Source

b. WOM store

WOM has over 130 official stores across Chile where you can buy SIM cards off the shelf. Stores are open mall hours, typically 10 am to 9 pm on weekdays.

Larger WOM stores have dedicated customer service desks to assist in setting up the SIM card in your phone. Staff can check compatibility, activate the SIM, and ensure it is working before you leave the store.

c. Other authorized retail stores

Beyond official stores, WOM SIM cards are also sold at over 1,000 authorized dealer stores and supermarkets around Chile. These include major chains like Unimarc, Ok Market, Farmacias Cruz Verde, Shell Select, and more.

Check at electronics stores, supermarkets, and convenience stores in the area you are visiting. If they sell Movistar, Entel, or Claro SIM cards, they likely offer WOM as well.

2. Where to buy Chile WOM eSIM

As eSIM rollout has just begun with WOM in Chile, availability remains limited. Currently, eSIM plans must be purchased directly from WOM stores by showing your compatible smartphone.

WOM has not authorized third-party eSIM resellers yet. But as compatible phone adoption increases, more retail options should become available both online and offline.

For now, visit a flagship WOM store in major cities to inquire about eSIM. Availability will improve over time.

Not only WOM you can buy eSIM from – the #1 eSIM provider in Chile which provides different plans for any traveling goals with an easy activation and purchasing process.

Leave your physical SIM behind, travel light with a digital SIM from

VII. How To Activate WOM Chile SIM/eSIM

1. How to use WOM Chile SIM card

Using a WOM SIM card on your phone is easy. Follow these steps when inserting your new SIM:

  • Locate your SIM card slot – The slot is usually on the side or back of the phone. Insert the standard-size SIM card carefully with the gold contacts facing downwards.
  • Power on your device – Turn on your phone and wait for it to recognize the new SIM card.
  • Activate the SIM – Prepaid SIM cards from WOM are typically pre-activated. If not, dial *103# to check the balance which should activate.
  • Configure APN settings – Normally not required as APN pre-loaded for automatic configuration.
  • Check phone services – Make a test call and browse the internet to validate service is activated correctly.
  • If issues activating, take SIM back to the WOM store for assistance before leaving Chile.

2. How to activate WOM Chile eSIM

For eSIM activation, you will need a compatible iPhone or Android phone. The process involves:

  • Download the WOM Chile app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.
  • Open the app and tap “Activate eSIM” or “Activar eSIM”.
  • Enter your details like name, email, etc. as requested.
  • The app will generate an eSIM activation QR code. Make sure your device’s camera is ready to scan the code.
  • Scan the QR code to activate the eSIM profile on your device. Your device may restart during the activation process.
  • Once activated, you’ll see the WOM network name on your device. Give it a few minutes to provision the service.
  • You can now use data as per your WOM Chile eSIM plan. Manage the account, track usage, get support directly through the WOM app.
  • Make sure to keep the WOM app installed as it’s needed to manage the eSIM profile/connection.
  • Refill your eSIM plan as needed directly from the app when existing data runs out.

If issues, take the device back to the WOM store for troubleshooting assistance or consider our guide: Install Chile eSIM.

VIII. Chile WOM Call & SMS Rates

As a prepaid tourist, calls, and texts on the WOM Chile network are typically unlimited with the tourist SIM packs. These allow free calling and messaging nationwide.

For postpaid plans, monthly allowances apply but rates are low-cost:

  • Local calls – $0.06 per minute
  • National calls – $0.06 per minute
  • SMS to Chile – $0.06 per SMS
  • SMS International – $0.13 per SMS

Tips šŸ¤³

  • Receiving calls is free on WOM prepaid
  • Discount calling rates on WOM 123 Plan
  • Online calling is cheaper than cell calling

So visitors can call and text affordably on both prepaid and postpaid plans.

IX. Useful USSD Codes For WOM Chile SIM/eSIM

USSD codes allow checking your account or enabling services via keypad. Dial these codes directly on WOM Chile network:

Useful USSD codes for WOM Chile SIM/eSIM

USSD Command Usage
*103# Check SIM card balance and validity
\153# Check credited bonus balance
\199# WOM reward point balance
*321# Opt into receiving usage notifications
\135# Enable data services

X. How To Top-up WOM Chile SIM/eSIM

When the data or calling balance runs low on a prepaid WOM SIM card, you need to top-up to continue services.

There are several ways to add more credit on WOM:

  • Vouchers – Purchase top-up voucher from any WOM store or authorized retailer. Dial *103# after adding voucher to confirm added balance. Vouchers extend plan validity too.
  • Online – Recharge SIM card conveniently online via credit/debit card by visiting the WOM Recarga (Top-up) page.
  • Store – Take your SIM card to any WOM store and ask to add more data or airtime credit on it. The staff can directly top-up plan validity and quotas.

For postpaid plans, payment is via online bank transfer or debit/credit card as per monthly bill cycle. Additional data boosters can be added when required.

XI. FAQs About WOM In Chile

Can I keep my number when traveling to Chile?

Yes – by setting up international roaming with your regular provider before leaving your country. Enabling roaming allows using your existing SIM card abroad, preserving your number. Be aware of roaming rates though – buying local SIM is cheaper.

How can I track data usage on my WOM SIM?

Check data consumed by dialing *321# to opt-in for free usage notifications at 80% and 100% of your quota. You can then top-up data packs as required. Actual data usage is shown via *103# balance check.

How long is WOM tourist SIM card valid for?

WOM’s prepaid tourist SIM has a 15 day validity period. During this time, you have specified data allowance and unlimited WOM calls/texts. To extend validity longer, you need to add more top-up credit on it.

Can I use WOM SIM in other South American countries?

WOM SIMs only provide service within Chile on their home network. But you can request temporary roaming activation for use in some neighboring countries like Peru, Argentina etc if traveling there short-term. Inquire at WOM stores before departure.

XII. Final Words

To summarize, WOM Chile provides fast, reliable mobile data and call connectivity suitable for most travelers. Their prepaid SIM card packages come with generous data and competitive rates.

For ultimate convenience, consider the new eSIM option as well if you have a compatible phone. But physical SIM cards guarantee compatibility still today.Ā Either way, WOM Chile delivers quality connectivity so you always stay connected on the go!